Phone-to-PC screen mirroring tool scrcpy’s latest update adds Android 13 support with seamless copy-paste

Makes it easier to control your phone from your computer

Fans of scrcpy have some good news today as the maintainers of the popular Android screen mirroring utility roll out version 1.25 of their app. While this release is primarily focused on minor improvements and fixes, there are some changes worth noting, especially if you’re on Android 13.

For those unfamiliar with the tool, scrcpy (short for “screen copy”) comes with two components. One is a server app that is pushed to the target her Android device and the other is a client on her PC that communicates with the server side through her ADB tunnel. Besides being a free solution, scrcpy is open source and highly customizable, making it one of the best remote control and screen mirroring tools out there.

A highlight of the v1.25 update is that scrcpy is now fully compatible with Android 13. This includes copy and paste support. Previous versions of scrcpy were able to mirror the screen of a device running Android 13, but pasting anything from the clipboard from the host to his android device (or vice versa) caused a crash . Now that the server module conforms to Android’s clipboard manager attribute tags, such errors no longer occur during clipboard access.

Another UI improvement is the use of precision scrolling. If the host PC supports a higher level of scrolling precision for mouse wheel movements, scrcpy will automatically use it for smoother scrolling.

scrcpy v1.25 has many minor enhancements and changes, all of which can be found below.

You can explore and contribute to the scrcpy repository on GitHub, or download precompiled builds. If you’ve already installed the app using a package manager, check for updates within the app to get the latest version.

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