Phoenix Space Announces New Partnership with The Chaffinch Trust

An education-focused initiative that aims to unlock the vast intellectual potential of disadvantaged youth in the Middle East and around the world, giving them the opportunity to transform their lives and communities through STEM.

London, United Kingdom, January 30, 2023 ( – We are on a mission to unlock the immense intellectual potential of disadvantaged young people, giving them the opportunity to transform their lives and their communities through scientific and technical training.

Following this initiative, we are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Chaffinch Trust to offer a pilot educational program for refugee children aged 14-16 in Amman, Jordan. The partnership comes at a time when an estimated 36.5 million (41%) of her 89.3 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide are young people under her 18 years of age.


Phoenix Space was established to improve the scientific and technical literacy of refugees and disadvantaged youth, providing cutting-edge STEM-focused educational courses to underserved communities in the Middle East and around the world doing.

The Chaffinch Trust is a UK based charity. It develops and carries out initiatives and projects that not only encourage but help address the challenges faced by disadvantaged members of our society.

Launched the second week of January, the collaboration involves the use of the Phoenix Space Flagship STEM program, specially designed by tutors with inspiring themes in space science.

Everyone at Phoenix Space is very excited about this partnership as we know we have the support and backing of the Chaffinch Trust.

Finally, read about the amazing work we’ve done in the past, the projects we’re working on, and what we plan for the future at

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