Phantom Strange Unleashes Vintage-Inspired Instrumental Album “Future Nothing”

Synthesizers and drum machines meet the nature of computer code and analog tape

Asheville, NC, February 28, 2023 ( – The elusive pop artist Adam Strange, known for fusing vintage ideas and contemporary sounds with mathematics and nature, has unveiled a new persona, Phantom Strange, and his latest release, Future Nothing. Recorded entirely on analog tape using a vast array of vintage drum machines and synthesizers, his instrumental album is a stunning tribute to the golden age of electronic music.

But this is no mere nostalgia trip. “Future Nothing” is a daring quest into the unknown, a journey through time and space that takes you to the farthest reaches of the universe. This album is Phantom Strange’s vision of the future, where technology and humanity merge into a seamless existence, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, where anything is possible. This is an abstract painting made of sound.

The album’s title track, “Future Nothing,” sets the tone for the rest of the journey. It’s an evocative, cinematic piece that conjures up images of 1990s London blurred and melted into a cosmic landscape populated by drug-addicted drummers seeking spiritual fulfillment in a hopeless world. From there, Phantom Strange races through different moods and atmospheres, each on a unique sonic adventure.

“Future Nothing” is a testament to Phantom Strange’s sound design mastery and ability to create immersive, otherworldly music. The vibe of these tracks is almost like story-style worldbuilding. The vintage gear used to create the album gives it a warmth and character that many of today’s digital productions lack. It’s a reminder that the past still has a lot to teach us about the future.

Phantom Strange’s backstory is as mysterious as their music. Rumor has it that they’re either AI liberated from their creators or they’re driving forklifts at Moog Music’s North Carolina synthesizer factory. Recently, there was an ongoing debate on Discord and Reddit over whether Phantom Strange’s music was written by an AI, and the artists were ultimately forced to comment that they were actually humans. Whatever the truth, one thing is certain: Future Nothing is a musical journey you don’t want to miss.

“Future Nothing” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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