Persona 5 Royal Android Is Here Thanks To Skyline and RedMagic 7S Pro

A post popped up on Reddit showing Android gameplay footage of Persona 5 Royale at a beautifully smooth 60 FPS with no graphical glitches. I think it’s because of the phone.

phone behind frame rate

The Nubia RedMagic series is a set of phones built with gaming in mind, all with features for a more comfortable experience.

The phone comes with rugged specs, enhanced cooling, and even some neat little shoulder buttons.RedMagic 8 is in the works, but the one we can appreciate the footage here is the RedMagic 7S, We can’t wait to see what you can do with the new model!

Skyline of course

If you’re a regular reader, Skyline doesn’t need an introduction. We’ve talked about Skyline a lot before, but for the sake of the newcomers, let’s cover it here. Skyline is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator for ARMv8 Android devices.

Emulators are available for free from the Skyline website or GitHub, but you may not get this kind of performance yet. A lot of the impressive footage that has come out of the Skyline community is from early build versions of Skyline Edge.

Skyline Edge is only available to Patreon subscribers of the Skyline team. But don’t despair, as the features available in Edge should appear in the free version at some point in the future.

Persona in your pocket

Persona 5 may need no further introduction for most people. This game is his sixth in the hugely successful series that is a spin-off from Shin Megami Tensei.

The game treads the line between social simulation and RPG. Navigating life in high school means fighting for your life in turn-based battles against terrifying creatures.

In Persona 5, you assume the role of Joker, a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Thieves infiltrate the world of people’s subconscious manifestations and steal the corruption of their minds to convert the bad guys.

The Royal Edition of the game adds a lot of additional content. If you have to choose, you can probably use it as the definitive version.

This game is sleek, stylish, and visually pleasing. Make sure the gameplay of Persona 5 Royal Android runs very smoothly. I am very excited to see what else the emulation community can make work in the near future.

If you want to see more, the Android footage of Super Mario Odyssey via Skyline also has some cool stuff.

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