‘People crying’ after layoffs at Amazon India; employee describes grim scenes in an anonymous post

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is the latest technology to give its employees pink slips. Reportedly, more than 1,000 employees were asked to leave the company.

An Amazon India employee posted about a harrowing scene involving people crying in their office after the layoff announcement.It was shared on Grapevine, a community app for Indian professionals.

“75% of my team is gone. I’m the remaining 25% and I don’t have the energy to work anymore. They’re laying people off in the cabin. People are crying in the office,” the post said. It was mentioned with the title Amazon India Current Condition.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy first announced the mass layoffs last November, saying, “We plan to cut just over 18,000 roles. Several teams will be affected. However, the majority of the role removals is taking place in the Amazon store and the PXT organization.”

According to India Today’s report, Amazon’s loss-making teams are the most affected. The latest layoffs have affected both new and experienced employees at multiple departments operating out of India with offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram and others.

The report further says the company has promised to provide five months’ salary as part of a retirement package and will continue to enable most of its benefits, including insurance, as part of that. However, some employees are not satisfied with the pay structure.

Employees at the world’s biggest tech companies face uncertainty due to rising inflation and an insatiable global political environment. Other major companies that have laid off employees recently include Twitter, Meta, Microsoft and Salesforce.

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