Partnership agreement between BEST MOMENT and ONPASSIVE

For the first time… a partnership with the twins of artificial intelligence and art in the Emirate of Dubai.

Abu Zabi, United Arab Emirates February 23, 2023 ( – partnership agreements between

Best Moment and On Passive

Best Moment Events, headed by Omar Aldamani, and ONPASSIVE, headed by engineer Mohamed Kamal, are the partners of politicians, Dubai officials, celebrities and the media.

As a result of this new partnership between these two big companies, BEST MOMENT and O-MEDIA, the media arm of ONPASSIVE headed by Professor Susan Elkalinie, numerous prestigious events and artistic concerts for prominent Arab stars is planned and acquired Dubai’s tourism industry.

This agreement is for one year and may be renewed by mutual agreement of both parties.

A new partnership between Best Moment Event and O-Media, the media arm of ONPASSIVE, will focus on organizing and hosting music concerts, poetry and cultural events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Arab countries.

Mr. Omar Dahmani, President of Best Moment Event Company, said at the ceremony that our partnership is one of the partnerships that will help bring new experiences to everyone, thus increasing, developing and revitalizing the tourism sector in the country. He said he looks forward to helping with the transformation. We are working to support different sectors and develop strategic partnerships in line with the United Arab Emirates 2030 vision.

In a speech delivered remotely via the internet, ONPASSIVE Founder and CEO Ashraf Mufarreh said artificial intelligence will play a key role in shaping future generations and facilitating life’s issues. I have confirmed that He added that it is very important to partner with leading companies like Best Moment Event to host events that contribute to the revitalization of arts and tourism in the UAE.

Mohamed Kamal, Chief Operating Officer of ONPASSIVE, expressed pleasure in collaborating with such a large company that has been hosting events like the Best Moment Event for a long time. Hands-on experience during ONPASSIVE and Best Moment Event to support the revival of tourism in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Arab world.

Dr. Suzan Elkalliny, Executive Director of O-MEDIA, the media arm of ONPASSIVE, said that this kind of company-to-company collaboration helps both parties achieve more success and produce high-quality artwork. I reconfirmed to present the Emirate of Dubai.

Most notably, Best Moment Event has nearly 10 million followers on celebrity and artist pages that have signed up with their page. Additionally, the company’s email consists of a database that directly addresses an audience of over 80,000 people.

In contrast, ONPASSIVE is a pioneer in the development of artificial intelligence and information technology, and one of its main objectives is to help clients build stronger relationships with each other, expand their scope of work, increase sales, and find new opportunities. is to help identify the Analyze marketing data to improve your business.

In addition, O-Media, the media division of ONPASSIVE, is involved in production, media, platform launches and various events and gatherings.

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