Panoramic Holographic Displays : holo panorama x

‘XORBIS’, a Korean innovation and design lab, showcased ‘Holo Panorama X’ at CES 2023. The display offers full 360-degree immersion with the ability to view augmented reality, virtual reality, 360-degree video, most other video formats, and 3D renderings in their native format without requiring the user to wear a headset. provide a feeling.

Holo-Panorama X uses a cone-shaped screen that transforms static images into the illusion of a hologram. This is due to the angle of reflection of the clear cone screen. His 3D software engineer at XORBIS, KiMyong Lee, explains the conversion process of the video, saying, “We reconstruct the image of the video as a widemap, compress the textures on top, and use the original pixels on the bottom. You can warp by doing it.” The image seamlessly transforms into a full wraparound 3D display.

Image credit: XORBIS

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