Oxygen Cylinder-Opening Multitools : titanium multitool

Disc has gone ahead and launched an all-new titanium multi-tool that aims to differentiate itself from the increasingly crowded multi-tool market by offering completely new capabilities in concept and innovation.

Immediately, the “triangle” titanium multi-tool raises eyebrows by offering an oxygen wrench designed to fit around the bolt of an oxygen tank. Designed to allow portable oxygen cylinders to be opened, this feature fits over the stem of standard oxygen tank valves and is intended to assist in opening heavy-duty valves.

Another eye-catching feature is Disc’s stated earbud holder, which provides a scratch-free way to keep your earbuds from getting tangled or damaged.

The ‘Triangle’ Titanium Multi-Tool is currently in the Kickstarter campaign, and campaign backers can now secure the multi-tool with a $39 pledge.

Image Credit: Disc

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