Over 100 million Netflix users are freeloaders, and the company’s coming for them in 2023

Will Netflix’s grand plans really work?

Netflix has been very public about its plans to crack down on password sharing.After many tests in South America, Netflix is ​​almost ready to start charging for password sharing in 2023. Users who want to share their login information with others can expect to start making payments right away on top of their existing subscriptions. As we approach the end of 2022, that change is closer than you might think. We now have some information as to why the company is doing this and why it has taken so long to get this right.


More than 100 million Netflix viewers now watch shows and movies on the platform using logins borrowed from someone else, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal (via XDA). Given that there are approximately 223 million paying Netflix subscribers worldwide, this means that approximately one-third of Netflix’s viewer base pays nothing for the service. .

Our in-house researchers have been aware of this as an issue since at least 2019, but felt no immediate action was needed as the COVID-19 pandemic brought in new subscribers. But with subscriber numbers dropping noticeably this year, Netflix feels it’s time to get serious about sharing less passwords, or at least making money out of it.

However, that’s a big number, and while it also means Netflix needs to seriously consider how to implement changes like this, it also doesn’t alienate its audience. That’s why Netflix wants to charge a small fee instead of banning it. It’s also worth noting that the streaming service has also launched an ad-supported tier to make it easier and cheaper for users to pay for their accounts.

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