Oppo Phones Will Get Four Android Updates From Next Year, Do Older Models Count?

Last update: December 26, 2022 20:26 IST

Oppo is upgrading OS support

Oppo is making these changes, and is also promising faster updates for existing devices in 2023.

Oppo is the latest smartphone that promises more software upgrades for the device. Brands have been accused of not focusing on the software side of their phones, but this is slowly changing, led by the likes of Samsung.

OnePlus recently broke the news and Oppo now offers similar support for its devices, but there are pitfalls. According to details shared by the company, 2023 will give him four years of Android OS upgrades and five years of security updates for him.

Oppo is expected to keep its promise for its flagship phone launching next year. The list of supported devices should include the Oppo Find X6 series and the OnePlus 11 5G, which is due to launch in the coming weeks. These phones will have an Android 13 version running out of the box and should receive up to Android 17, according to the company’s words. This is very impressive.

Android phone makers lag behind Apple in software support cycles. While the five-year-old iPhone model sees him get an iOS 16 version in 2022, the same he can’t say for the three- or four-year-old Android model.

So it’s good to see brands like Samsung, Oppo and OnePlus change the trend. This will appeal to customers who have to make a phone-buying decision in the near future.Google is the odd one on the list. Because Pixel phones are promised only his three years of OS upgrades and his four years of security patches.

Oppo also says it’s changing its strategy with the rollout of its ColorOS 13 version, offering faster updates for existing models soon.

The latest ColorOS version focuses on providing a sleek and lightweight interface that meets users’ needs. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Oppo used resources from the OnePlus software team to refine its software.

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