OPPO Find N2 Flip will launch globally to rival the Galaxy Z Flip 4

OPPO today unveiled its new foldable smartphones, Find N2 and Find N2 Flip. The former is a replacement for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and the latter is a foldable, foldable replacement for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Well, the OPPO Find N2 Flip is launching globally to rival Samsung’s phones. Some people are happy to know that…

OPPO Find N2 Flip will launch globally in Q1 2023

OPPO has confirmed that the device is expected to hit the global market in the first quarter of next year. But what about the Find N2? We don’t know about that yet, as OPPO has no plans yet.

Why did OPPO take this approach? Well, it’s probably due to app compatibility. Not many apps can take advantage of your smartphone’s main display. Even though Google has adapted some of its apps and other developers have followed suit, many major apps have yet to adapt to such displays.

This makes the application look interesting on large displays. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s the main reason. For example, opening Twitter is not a great experience. The same can be said for Facebook, for example.

Find N2 Flip prices start at RMB 5,999 ($860) in China

Luckily, Find N2 Flip plans to expand to markets outside of China. Prices for the phone start at RMB 5,999 ($860) in China, but are expected to be slightly higher in other markets.

OPPO will announce more details early next year, but it will certainly come to Europe.The Find N2 Flip has a fairly wide cover display, flat sides and overall very attractive.

The phone is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ SoC and features a 6.8 inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Its cover display is 3.2 inches, also an OLED panel, but at 60Hz.

The device has 3 cameras overall

A 50- and 8-megapixel camera is located on the back of the phone, and a 32-megapixel camera is included in the phone’s main display. Image processing is equipped with OPPO’s MariSilicon X chip.

The phone has a 4,400mAh battery inside and the device supports 44W charging. However, it does not support wireless charging.

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