Only 20% of Taiwan using 5G mobile internet | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To date, only 30% of mobile internet users in Taiwan have switched to 5G, even though it has been available since 2020.

The main reason consumers haven’t switched to 5G yet is that existing 4G services were sufficient, according to a survey released by the National Communications Commission (NCC) on Saturday (January 29).

“The public believes that 5G network transmission speeds are superior to 4G, but (5G) network coverage still has room for improvement,” the report said. We also found that among his 90% of Taiwanese who use the internet at home, those who use mobile his internet service are always more than those who use fixed internet connection. rice field.

Although the penetration rate is low, the number of people who newly applied for or switched to 5G service increased in 2022. The total number of registered mobile phones also increased slightly from 29.29 million in 2021 to 29.58 million in 2022.

The report also explores TV viewing habits, with cable TV services being the most popular way for Taiwanese over the age of 16 to watch TV, followed by over-the-top (OTT) TV services. increase. Nearly 50% of his OTT TV (sometimes called streaming TV) viewers said they never watched TV any other way.

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