OnePlus “Concept Two” to be revealed at MWC 2023

concept one. (Source: One Plus)

OnePlus has a new flagship Android smartphone to bring to the next Mobile World Congress. However, OEMs are now said to surpass their current devices at the next major international trade show. It is now said to include a follow-up to the revolutionary Concept One smartphone prototype that was unveiled at CES several years ago.

OnePlus is slated for an international launch of its latest premium smartphone long before MWC 2023 begins, but it will still likely bring the third-generation Hasselblad brand flagship to a major show. OEMs may show more new ones, according to the company.

At CES 2020, the company unveiled Concept One with ideas for the smartphone camera hump of the future. This allowed the rear shooter to be disguised as a blank slab of black glass at will. Instead, a vastly different trend-following direction.

Perhaps the company’s next prototype will be a better shot implemented on devices such as the One Day ’12’. concept 2 During MWC 2023 (despite the presence of the color-changing 8T by the in-house Gaudi team).

If this is the case, the rumored prototype card could feature more electrochromic tech. There may be

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