OnePlus announces the official launch date of the OnePlus 11

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • OnePlus has revealed when the OnePlus 11 will be released.
  • The company’s earphones and other products will also be launched on the same day.
  • The launch event will be held in New Delhi, India in February.

We are slowly approaching the end of 2022. But as the year draws to a close, the 2023 smartphone launch season begins. According to a new announcement, one of the first handsets to be released in 2023 will be the OnePlus 11.

Originally going to be called the OnePlus 11 Pro, the phone finally got a release date that dropped the “Pro” moniker. OnePlus has announced that its next flagship device will launch globally on February 7, 2023. So far, OnePlus has opted to launch the series between his January and his April, so February 7 is as expected.

The show is called “OnePlus Cloud 11 Launch Event” and will be held in New Delhi, India. In case you’re wondering about the event’s name, OnePlus says the term “Cloud 11” is meant to represent the upgraded technology and performance of its latest offering. It is also intended to represent the user experience moving beyond Cloud 9 to Cloud 11.

The focus of the event will be the OnePlus 11, but it won’t be the only device in the spotlight. In addition to the phone, the company plans to announce and launch various other devices, including the OnePlus Buds Pro 2.

Unfortunately, OnePlus declined to mention other key details such as pricing and availability. increase.

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