OnePlus 11: First official teaser for the upcoming flagship Android smartphone finally drops during the brand’s latest keynote

Today (December 17, 2022), OnePlus celebrates its ninth anniversary as a technology brand,reproduction” Proceed to next 9.

The livestreamed keynote, presented by co-founder Pete Lau, focused primarily on OnePlus’ ongoing relationship with its parent company, OPPO.

The two entities have become more transparent about their links over the past few years. This is clearly a new “dual brandStrategies that address different market tiers and use cases.

Again, we will continue to pool our resources for production and R&D so that OPPO’s more cutting-edge prototypes will hit the market as OnePlus products in the future. It plans to invest 10 billion yuan (approximately US$1.43 billion) in the latter annually.

According to Lau, this will allow OnePlus to focus on creating.”qualitySo there was just enough time left in this livestreaming conference to confirm that the long-rumored 11 was on the way.

The announcement included the first teaser video revealing the switch to a round camera hump on this 10 Pro successor, complete with an alert slider and Hasselblad logo placement.

OnePlus has already called the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-powered handset “future performance leaderset to “Challenge many of the industry’s impossible“, although the brand still prefers its favorite phrase”soon” For now, we will reveal the release date.

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