NVIDIA is shutting down GameStream for SHIELD owners

It’s the end of an era for SHIELD owners as NVIDIA has announced that it will be discontinuing the GameStream feature. For those unfamiliar with SHIELD or GameStream, the feature lives up to its name. NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV box owner can stream games from his PC. Your PC and SHIELD must be on the same network, and GeForce Experience must be installed on your PC.

From there, you can easily stream with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for NVIDIA to keep GameStream operational. In an official NVIDIA statement, the company said GameStream will go offline in February 2023 as part of an update to the NVIDIA Games app. This feature will be available to SHIELD owners until mid-month. However, there is no specific date for the shutdown.

Users do not need to update their NVIDIA Gaming app. This may allow functionality to work after shutdown. However, according to the FAQ, this is just a workaround. If you don’t update your app, the services that use it won’t work. This includes his GeForce NOW. Basically you should update.

There is an alternative to NVIDIA GameStream that works similarly.

While some users may be sad to hear this news, there is a silver lining. GameStream is not a proprietary service. Also, the games you play with it will be pulled from your Steam account. So you can easily stream your game to SHIELD using the Steam Link app. This is also one of his NVIDIA suggestions. In addition to Steam Link, we have GeForce NOW.

Definitely a great option for cloud gaming. The only difference is that you usually have to pay a subscription fee. NVIDIA offers a free membership, but only paid memberships offer high-quality graphics and longer play sessions. Still, it’s an option if you want to continue streaming to SHIELD without paying for the service.

One way or another, all things come to an end. And it was exactly the era of GameStream.

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