Now You Can Use Android and Nest Devices to Pair With Matter

Photo of Nest Audio

Nest Audio can now act as a border router for Matter devices.
Photo: Gizmodo/Andrew Liszewski

Matter, the smart home standard that promises unite us all, continues to release slowly and steadily across platforms. Google will be announcing compatibility between Nest devices and Android phones next.

Existing gadgets like Nest Mini speakers, Nest Hub Max smart displays, and Nest Wifi Pro mesh routers can now be used as a base for connecting Matter smart devices. These are now called “border routers” instead of “hubs”. This is because it serves as a smart home perimeter indicator.

Android also has the long-promised pairing feature. You can use Fast Pair to get a network-connected gadget using the Google Home app. transformation stage just now.

of matter criteria Officially launched in October. There are only a handful of Matter-enabled devices on the market today, including sensors, smart locks, and smart light bulbs, but expect more compatible devices to roll out early next year.

Google situation In the new year, we will “Matter-enable more Nest devices” so that they can act as perimeter routers in your Matter-connected homes. The company is also working to add iOS support through the Google Home app for those who choose to stay within the Google app ecosystem (Apple is also working on connecting Matter devices through the iOS Home app). I can do it). We’re also partnering with smartphone’s biggest ally, Samsung, to build a ‘smoother’ multi-management experience for 2023. This allows you to easily switch between Samsung’s SmartThings and the Google Home app.

The smart home has been pretty stagnant over the past year. One reason is that businesses and consumers have been waiting for this new standard to be perfected. Even though big brands already support Matter, we’re not quite there yet. But expect to see all the new devices syncing at CES 2023 next month.

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