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In today’s challenging times, customers are demanding DIY solutions to problems that previously required costly professional visits. A world-renowned company is creating a revolutionary waste…

Cheyenne, WY, January 25, 2023 ( – In today’s challenging times, customers are looking for do-it-yourself solutions to problems that previously required costly professional visits. A world-renowned company offers its customers groundbreaking waste disposal products on Amazon.

For decades, Bio-Safe One has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of spoilage system cleanup products. Backed by over 65 years of research and development, the company provides major industries worldwide with the safest and most technologically advanced formulations of bacteria, enzymes and other natural ingredients for septic and grease trap systems. increase.

The company’s highly regarded team of scientists worked on the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska in 1989, and by 2002 Bio-Safe One products were available for wholesale purchase. rice field. Now, Bio-Safe One has partnered with Amazon to bring an inexpensive yet highly effective rot keeping treatment directly to your customer’s door.

To date, most septic system owners have mistakenly relied on expensive pump-out or ineffective products that break down sewage but fail to eliminate it. It removes good bacteria and pushes undigested waste into the soil, further leading to costly clogs.Severe septic problems can eventually lead to a complete replacement of the septic system, costing between $10,000 and $70,000. costs. Thanks to Bio-Safe One’s patented formula, customers can now completely reverse their sepsis problem without the need for an intermediary, saving thousands of people and keeping their owners safe. You can bring it back under control.

The formula is 100% effective, scientifically proven to instantly break down waste, eliminate odors and bacteria, and protect water and indoor air quality without the need for harsh chemicals. I’m here.

Bio-Safe One products are used in a wide range of systems including commercial tanks, restaurant grease traps, cruise ship storage tanks, hospital waste disposals, kennel waste disposals, campgrounds, RV parks and government municipal buildings. Suitable for

These proprietary lab-grown bacterial solutions are the world’s most potent, guaranteed to work in any system, and offer a range of benefits including:

  • Save money and time – no expensive repairs
  • Drainage restoration
  • deodorize
  • well protection
  • No contamination
  • Millions of times more effective than other products on the market

Bio-Safe One, Inc., a preventative waste disposal company, is the same company that helped clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the largest cleanup in U.S. history. It has gained great recognition over the years. Known for his outstanding work cleaning up 11 million gallons of oil and sewage on Alaskan beaches, they are now making an astounding impact in the septic and waste industry with another new achievement. is becoming more and more famous for

The company’s same patented formula is helping septic tank homeowners and commercial septic tank owners solve all their septic tank and septic system problems. Used in this giant oil spill, these unique, patented formulas are now helping septic tank owners in new and exciting ways! growth and strength of harmful bacteria, especially with the leading powerful product called BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester, a highly technologically advanced patented formula, chosen by the government over all other products. I came. It contains a patented strain of grease-digesting bacteria that is the only way to completely remove and completely digest biomat, a black tar-like, grease-like substance. The product they discovered completely eliminated rot and drain failure due to its patented properties and commercial strength, but was found to be safe for use in residential and commercial settings.

Their other flagship product is the Bio-Safe One Septic Solution (BOSS), created to be the most powerful septic preservation product on the market. Both products have done great things over the years.

With amazing new technology, both products completely eat up all forms of sewage, especially BIO-112, which completely eats up biomats, and completely eats up large volumes of sludge (brown hardened solid waste). . Environmental decontamination. Sewage is a toxic waste. Once the sewage is removed, the environment is decontaminated. An added benefit of this is that the homeowner doesn’t have to hire a contractor to replace the system, costing him $70,000 from $10,000 and continuing to pay for unnecessary pump-outs. .

Statistics show that one in four Americans rely on a septic tank or septic system as a means of disposing of their household waste, representing more than 77.5 million septic tank owners nationwide.

Also, according to a company spokesperson, most septic tank or septic system owners mistakenly end up with unnecessary septic pump outs and ultimately very expensive septic tank replacements when their systems fail. Over the years, many homeowners have used weak and cheap imitations that do nothing, according to company officials. However, after using the Bio-Safe One product, I saw amazing results in a short period of time, often being instantly freed from the problem of putrid smells, backups, and complete spoilage.

Bio-Safe One is a solution that keeps saving people money. A fully functioning purification system eliminates 100% of the bad bacteria that cause odor and disease. Sewage contains over 100 diseases and viruses. Failure of the septic system can lead to well failure, cause disease and create an unsanitary environment in the home.Bio-Safe One products decontaminate and remove large volumes of sewage in a short time Save homeowners millions. People online have been raving about this for years, with great success on the Amazon community and other forums.

The company’s products eliminate signs of spoilage system failure such as foul odors, gurgling noises in pipes and plumbing, slow-moving drains, frequent drains, discolored lawns, and leaking drains and septic tanks. has been proven in thousands of cases. Bio-Safe One has been found to quickly reverse septic problems by eliminating the root cause of septic problems. Eliminates waste that accumulates in the soil surrounding the septic system resulting from lack of proper septic tank maintenance.

With the Bio-Safe One product, septic tank homeowners not only have to dig a new drain, they can eliminate the need to pump it out entirely.

Products are available for purchase on the company’s website at Free technical support with on-call field and lab technician training is also available to help homeowners and businesses. The company has earned a reputation for producing the best products of the highest quality in the world and helping customers effectively solve their septic tank problems.

For more information, call us toll-free at 1-866-424-6663 or visit our website at With offices on the East Coast, products can be easily shipped from the lab to anywhere in the United States or around the world. Commercial applications are also available for interested parties.

About the company

Founded in 2001, Bio-Safe One specializes in waste purification, septic treatment products, septic tank maintenance, septic and drainage remediation, organic cleaners and natural cleaners.

The company’s products are the result of over 75 years of laboratory testing and development. The same team of scientists who help clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill are involved in developing waste, decontamination, and a specialized patented product that digests and completely removes waste.

For more information, please visit Bi-Safe’s Amazon store or visit our website at

The company is inundated with reviews, has excellent reviews, and even has a YouTube channel with testimonials.

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