Notification-Silencing App Features : quiet mode 1

Instagram is debuting a new feature called “Quiet Mode” to expand time management options for individuals who want to spend less time looking at their screen. Automatically reply to DMs and update your account status[サイレント モード]to let your friends and family know that you haven’t read their messages at the moment. Instagram is also adding new safety features for teens to the app, including new parental control tools for managing what content is filtered for kids.

“Take a Break” prompts users to put down their phones after a certain amount of time, encouraging them to be in the real world. Instagram already has features to help you track and manage your daily time spent on the app.

“We encourage our teens to turn on ‘Quiet Mode’. Teens tell us they’re looking for ways to focus while studying, at school, and at night. Currently. , available to all users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more countries soon,” said Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, in a tweet. .

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