Nothing Phone (1) heading to the US in Android 13 ‘testing program’

Nothing Phone 1 is for the US, but not yet available to the general public.Founder Karl Pei murmured This morning it was announced that the US will be part of the Nothing OS 1.5 Beta “test program”. This is the phone manufacturer’s custom Android 13 software.

Pei has released an official statement for the second time this month, hinting at the release of the phone in the US. He said earlier this month that his company is “in discussions with several US carriers about the possibility of launching future products,” and that the US wireless company’s “unique customizations” will be the first to launch it. Earlier this year, the company said the phone wouldn’t be coming to North America, but it’s clear if that’s changed or if it’s targeting an unannounced smartphone for the US market. No, it’s not said to have sold 500,000 phones with no state availability, so it may be in a stronger position than it was a year ago in negotiations with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. I have.

US residents await more news about the program, but those who already own a Phone 1 can sign up for the beta today. The beta includes Android 13 features like finer-grained privacy controls and the new Material You theme. I wouldn’t say that beta software can load apps up to 50% faster.

The Nothing Phone 1 was launched in Europe, the Middle East and Asia earlier this year. In his review for Engadget, Mat Smith praised its unique design, Glyph interface, and solid mid-range specs. The Phone 1 costs £399 and is currently $487.

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