Nothing Phone (1) gets Nothing OS 1.5 beta, based on Android 13

On December 1st, Nothing started signing up for an open beta build of Nothing OS 1.5 based on Android 13. 1) Owner of the year.

The first beta started rolling out today for people to sign up to receive it. Nothing OS 1.5 includes new Weather app with custom Nothing UI, app loads up to 50% faster, more color schemes available to match third-party apps to wallpaper, new QR code scanner in Quick Settings , comes with clipboard preview. A new look at the bottom of the screen for quick editing before pasting, and media controls.

It also has the ability to close active background apps from the notification area, increased background memory to reduce the wait time before frequently used apps load, and clearing unused apps to make the phone ( 1) keep it running like new, there’s also a new self-healing feature. Improved with cached and outdated system dumps, new network and Bluetooth device popups for better quick settings, new UI for volume controls to easily adjust sliders without unlocking the screen, lighter notifications and new UI Google Games Dashboard with support for animated game mode screenshots, screen recording, FPS display, and good night mode.

Obviously, you’ll also get everything Google has packed into Android 13, including a new photo picker, new notification permissions, new media permissions, and support for using different apps in different languages.

The final stable build of Nothing OS 1.5 is promised to arrive in “early 2023”.


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