Nothing OS 1.5 open beta brings Android 13 to Phone (1)

No phone (1) is finally Android 13 with OS 1.5 None As for the update, it is for those who have registered for the open beta test. Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 beta builds include a new weather Underlying Android 13 changes, including per-app language settings, clipboard previews, photo pickers, and UI changes.
Nothing OS 1.5 Optimize Phone System Performance (1)
Our first beta build will load your app up to 50% faster. Faster load times for frequently used apps due to increased background memory. Users can now close active background apps directly from Notification Center. This is an Android 13 feature. Nothing OS 1.5 Beta adds a “self-healing” feature that clears unused caches and expired system dumps to keep your phone alive. (1) Run like new.
These Android 13 features are added to Nothing Phone (1)
Built on top of Android 13, Nothing OS 1.5 features an enhanced color scheme for wallpapers. Other Android 13 features include a photo picker, granular media, notification controls, a new QR code scanner in the notification panel, per-app language settings, and clipboard previews.
There’s also a new Weather app custom-developed by Nothing. New UI for media and volume controls. We also added live captions. Added new Network and Bluetooth popups in Quick Settings.
Game Mode has also received some improvements, with a new UI for light notifications and Google Games Dashboard integration that offers screenshots, screen recording support, FPS display, and do not disturb mode.
Nothing OS 1.5 is coming early next year, and Nothing OS 2.0 was advertised as being in development.
An interview with Nothing CEO of Android Authority Karl Pei revealed that the Nothing Phone (1) was launched on Nothing OS, which was developed by an outsourced team, but now the company is replacing the Nothing OS 1.5 code with an in-house code base. The UI remains the same, so it doesn’t go unnoticed by the user, but it promises to make the system smoother and more stable.
A stable build of Nothing OS 1.5 will be released in early 2023. Pei also revealed in the same interview that Nothing OS 2.0 will be based on He Android 13, but didn’t give a release date.

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