North Kingdom Is A Gorgeous Tower Defence That’s Completely Free-To-Play, Out Now On Android

Antar Games has officially given us the North Kingdom release we’ve been waiting for. The full title, North Kingdom – Siege Castle, is available exclusively on Google Play.

The game has had a bit of a soft launch since it’s been under the radar, with Google Play reporting over 100 downloads.

What is the Northern Kingdom?

We know you may not know what this game is following the release of North Kingdom as it seems to come out of nowhere. Here is some information about the game.

Northern Kingdom – Siege Tower is marked under “Strategy” in Google Play. The game is a castle tower defense game, following the normal tower defense formula.

But the North Kingdom’s charm lies in its unique aesthetics. Not surprisingly, the minimalist, smooth 3D art is pleasing to the eye and offers a different approach to strategy games.

Can you survive the frozen north?

The game has multiple game modes such as “survival” and campaign mode.

Survival is self-evident in this genre. Strengthen your defenses and survive wave after wave of enemies. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your tower and collect various resources.

What I love about North Kingdom is that it’s free to play. Usually, the reward for free-to-play games is the abundance of annoying ads that plague the menu screens. Northern Kingdom has no ads and you can enjoy the game peacefully.

If you are out without an internet connection, the Northern Kingdom will yet It has an offline mode, so it’s an option for you.

What is Antar Games?

Antar Games is the studio and creator behind North Kingdom. But what else did it do?

The studio describes its products on Google Play as “games made with soul.” Like North Kingdom, the studio released Kingdom Guard, another offline tower defense game, and Space Flight, a pixel rocket game.

If you’re interested in this game, check out North Kingdom on Google Play now.

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