Noise Insulator Nets: A New Must-Have in Singapore’s Business Sector

Hebei Jinbiao sees growing demand for its latest noise control products in the Singapore business sector.

Singapore, Singapore January 22, 2023 ( – As the economy thrives again, Hebei Jinbiao, one of Asia’s leading manufacturers/suppliers of noise abatement products, sees increased demand for noise insulation nets in Singapore’s business sector.

“With business reviving and booming in Singapore and more sectors of various industries resuming operations, we are seeing a growing need for sound insulation netting,” said Hebei Jinbiao Managing Director. Director Ricky Thng said. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of business spaces has evolved, and we are now more than ever aware of the value of the acoustic comfort that acoustic netting addresses.”

Hebei Jinbiao’s latest innovation, sound insulation net, is a versatile noise control product that mitigates noise in different spaces. Typically mounted around fences, external scaffolding, or wrapped around noise sources, noise blocking netting prevents noise from leaking into the surrounding area or community.

“Unlike our other sound barriers, the sound insulation net can be installed both indoors and outdoors,” continues Ricky Thng. “It can be used to block unwanted sounds from entering a space or to confine them closer to their source.”

The sound insulation net absorbs up to 75% of noise with a noise reduction factor of 0.75. At the same time, these products have a sound transmission class of STC 27 and can be reduced up to about 27 dBA. These features make Acoustic Netting ideal for a wide variety of businesses, from construction and demolition projects, heavy equipment and machinery, to commercial and mixed-use spaces, and even indoor office spaces.

Hebei Jinbiao is a pioneer in noise control solutions in Asia, especially in Singapore, with noise barrier products that comply with Singapore NEA noise regulation standards.

Among the few companies that offer customized sound barriers, Hebei Jinbiao has worked with clients in various industry sectors to meet their specific noise control needs.

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