NFL Sunday Ticket will come to YouTube TV & YouTube Primetime Channels in 2023

Google has purchased rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket, making it available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channels beginning with the 2023 season.

This is the first time the NFL Sunday Ticket will not be available on DIRECTV as the package has been available since its debut in 1994. This inevitably happened because DIRECTV was not involved in any attempt to keep his NFL Sunday Ticket. on that platform.

It seems that this contract will last for about 7 years, so we will talk again for the 2030 season. Google says he pays the NFL about $2 billion for the Sunday Ticket per season. This is up from his $1.5 billion that DIRECTV was paying him each season. The NFL still has commercial rights deals for bars and restaurants that could be worth about $200 million per season, and DIRECTV has an interest in those rights.

Consumers can subscribe to Sunday Ticket as a standalone channel

Google plans to make the NFL Sunday Ticket available on YouTube TV and the YouTube Primetime channel, so you will be able to subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone channel through the Primetime channel. This is great news. Currently, you have to pay for DIRECTV, and Sunday Ticket requires more. And it will be the same for YouTube TV.

Google has yet to announce prices for the Sunday Ticket. As the start of the new season draws nearer, we may not know that until next summer. Please Note. Currently, the NFL Sunday Ticket season is $294 from DIRECTV. With carriage costs rising, we wouldn’t be surprised if prices approach $350 next season.

The NFL has also said it plans to roll out several new features for the Sunday Ticket, which will also be announced closer to the 2023 season.

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