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OnePlus entered the smartphone market in 2014 with its “flagship killer”, the OnePlus One. Over time, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include mid- and low-end Nord phones, earphones, smartwatches and even his TVs. in some areas. Now the BBK-owned company is trying to enter another new market: tablets. The pandemic has revived consumer interest in good Android tablets. OnePlus hopes to capitalize on that revitalized interest by launching his OnePlus Pad, a long-rumored tablet. Below is everything OnePlus has revealed so far about the OnePlus Pad, along with all the important leaks and rumors we’ve found.


OnePlus Pad name, design and specs

The first leak of OnePlus working on a tablet was in July 2021. The company trademarked the term “OnePlus Pad”, sparking rumors, but died soon after. Then, in November 2022, another report said the company is finally ready to enter his Android tablet market in 2023. Earlier this year, the device reportedly entered private testing under the codename “Aries.”

OnePlus’ website for the Cloud 11 event confirmed that the tablet will be sold under the name OnePlus Pad. We also know that OnePlus will reveal the OnePlus 11 to the global market during the show.

Source: OnePlus

Thanks to recently leaked renders and a one-shot released directly by OnePlus at the top of this page, we know what the OnePlus Pad will look like. decorated with The leaked image was shared shortly after OnePlus hinted at the tablet’s thin bezels and rounded edges on his website, further confirming the accuracy of the leak. These slim bezels set the OnePlus Pad apart from other Android tablets on the market.

Renderings show a selfie camera housed in the right bezel, perfect for video calls when the device is held in landscape orientation. it’s different. This means that the tablet must be held vertically when making a video call.

The OnePlus Pad’s back design has a slight design twist. Instead of a small camera bump near one of the corners, the OnePlus Pad focuses the camera near the top edge of the device. OnePlus says it’s designed to free users from the “inconvenience of holding the tablet sideways.”

Unfortunately, not much is known about the inner workings of the OnePlus Pad. The rumor mill isn’t exactly hyping up about the tablet’s imminent launch, so leaks are limited.

But don’t expect the OnePlus Pad to have high-end specs. Roland Quandt, known for retail leaks, previously proposed The tablet could be “underpowered and overpriced,” as OnePlus slapped its brand onto devices from one of its sister brands, Realme or Oppo. The latter is working on his Oppo Pad 2, a follow-up to the 2022 model year. According to the leaked information, it will feature an 11-inch 144Hz LCD panel, a 9,500mAh battery and support for 67W wired fast charging. The OnePlus Pad could be this rebranded version of his Oppo tablet.

OnePlus Pad: Software

Given the lack of rumors surrounding the OnePlus Pad’s internals, it’s no surprise that not much is known about its software either. The tablet will likely run Android 13, but it’s unclear what enhancements OnePlus will bring.

The company’s skin, OxygenOS, is designed for smartphones. As such, OnePlus may not bring the same experience to tablets. However, in order to make the device stand out from other tablets on the market, it should be equipped with some new software features.

Other than Samsung, no other Android tablet has good software support from the manufacturer. It remains to be seen if the OnePlus Pad will be covered by the company’s new software policy, which promises four major OS updates and five years of security updates.

OnePlus Pad: Price, Availability and Release Date

OnePlus-Tablet Pad-OnLeaks-4

OnePlus teased the launch of the OnePlus Pad at its Cloud 11 event. His global launch event will take place on February 7th in India, where the company will be announcing a slew of products including the global availability of his OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, Buds Pro 2 and new 65-inch TV. Some of these products have already been launched in China.

Like some Nord products, the OnePlus Pad may have a limited release in India and other European countries. This means the tablet may not launch in the US, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Considering OnePlus’ Cloud 11 event is scheduled for February 7th, the tablet should launch shortly thereafter. No word on the price but it could cost around Rs. 25,000 rupees 30,000 in India ($325-375). European pricing is expected to be about the same or slightly higher when considering VAT and tariffs.

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