New Year 2023: The Android apps to help you gain control over your digital life

A new year is about to begin. If you’re looking for interesting Android apps to try in 2023, there’s no better time to start things than the holiday season. With the increasing use of technology every year, tracking down unwanted calls and text messages, controlling every device on your WiFi network, and even checking your mental health can be a daunting task. I have. However, there are some Android apps that can help here.

Not all of these are new applications, but they can help you better control your digital life for 2023. Let’s start with the first one on our list.


The service has been around for a while, but Doosra really helps make 2023 a healthier year by fending off unwanted calls and spam. Imagine a VPN. However, it does contain a phone number. With Doosra, you can use a second phone number that you can give to restaurants, shopping malls, or anyone else who doesn’t want to share your real cell phone number. This second number allows him to avoid constant spam from random callers. This is a nuisance today.

When you receive calls or SMS from these numbers, you can choose whether to forward them to your physical number.

Once you set up the app, you won’t have to give your primary phone number to any service or person you don’t want to interact with anymore. This is essential in today’s world where phone numbers are linked to everything from bank accounts to Aadhaar accounts.

A feature provided by Doosra’s second number. (express photo)

If you get spam, you can simply block some or all calls from the second number. The app goes a step further by allowing users to use their second number to create a new WhatsApp account or use it with other services that work with phone numbers.

native alpha

Many websites are well designed, but the apps are relatively poorly designed, or worse, no apps at all. With Native Alpha, you can create “web apps” for these frequently visited websites. Assuming that you frequently visit a particular site or page from your browser, Web App allows you to create a basic “app” that navigates directly to this website in full screen, without the distraction of your browser window. increase. This gives you the benefits of an original website design with the convenience of a dedicated app.

2023, 2023 android app, android app, Creating native alpha web apps. (express photo)

Additionally, Native Alpha also has a very simple creation process, as easy as copying a page’s URL to create a web app, and automatically fetches data such as icons and site names. . You can also control the functionality of these web apps and block access to cookies, ads, or JavaScript entirely.

integrated remote

Integrated Remote is the one tool you need if you need to remotely control your desktop or laptop (or both). This application allows you to remotely control all aspects of your Windows PC with your Android phone, as long as your desktop/laptop and smartphone are both on the same WiFi network.

The one-time setup process is very simple and can be used for a variety of purposes such as remotely controlling the volume of media playing on your PC, shutting it down, controlling your mouse and keyboard directly from your smartphone, and more. I can do it.

2023, 2023 android app, android app, With Unified Remote you can do everything from basic typing on your PC to viewing screen output remotely. (express photo)

For example, if you download a large game, this app allows you to see the screen output and download progress on your phone while turning off the monitor to save power. A Pro version is also available with even more features for a one-time fee.

Gestures by DogPoo

Gesture apps are nothing new on Android phones, but this is one of the simplest applications that takes full advantage of gestures. Requires minimal setup effort and ease of use. With gestures, you can pull out a small dedicated window every time you swipe up from the home button instead of drawing shapes on the screen that often cause problems for other apps.

2023, 2023 android app, android app, Here’s how to set up gestures to trigger calls and app launches. (express photo)

You can then draw shapes and letters in this window to instantly trigger app launches, phone calls to select contacts, and more. If you don’t use the navigation buttons, you can also set the window to trigger when you tap the floating buttons on either side of the screen.


For those who may be experiencing frustration, self-control, or even motivation issues, Voice is a mental health guidance app that assists users through voice sessions to help them reach their chosen goals. The app also claims to teach users psychological skills that can turn any task into something “easy and beautiful.”

2023, 2023 android app, android app, This is Voice’s home page. (express photo)

Users choose from goals such as “boredom from regular tasks”, “lack of energy, fatigue”, and “low motivation”, followed by a quiz to help the app understand you better. It offers a 7-day free trial, but users have to pay Rs 899 every 12 weeks or Rs 1,499 per year for future sessions.

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