New Meizu flagship design is here with flat sides, thin bezels & more

Meizu plans to return with a new flagship this year, and its design has been revealed. The name of the phone is purported to be her Meizu 20 or Meizu 20 Pro and you can see the design in the image below.

Meizu’s new flagship has arrived, revealing its design

It’s just a sketch, but it’s a pretty detailed sketch. The phone appears to have a flat display with a display camera hole in the middle. The bezel is very thin and all physical buttons are placed on the right side.

The corners are rounded but the sides are flat and all around the phone. You can also see his Type-C port at the bottom, along with the phone’s main speaker.

There are four rings on the back of the phone, all of which could be there to house the phone’s camera. Conversely, one of them can be reserved for the LED flash. However, these sensors don’t look too big.

How do you know the call is actually coming? Well, a teaser video was released last month that kind of confirmed the phone.

Meizu didn’t launch a (flagship) phone last year

The last flagship announced by the company was the Meizu 18, coming in 2021. It had his Snapdragon 888 on board. We don’t know when the Meizu 20 will come out, but it will definitely come out this year.

As some of you may know, Meizu was acquired by Geely last year. This could be good news for Meizu fans, as Geely seems to have huge plans for the brand. Meizu was once very popular, but took a few wrong turns and basically disappeared for years.

Meizu 20 sketch patent image 1

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