New ClearOne CHAT® 150 BT Group Speakerphone Enables Mobile Device Users to Experience Unrivaled Audio Quality

ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global market leader in enabling conferencing, collaboration and network streaming solutions in response to the increasing use of unified communications software applications for audio conferencing and mobile devices, today announced a new Chat® 150 BT A group speakerphone with USB and Bluetooth connectivity to enhance your meeting experience with maximum business-class performance.

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The CHAT® 150 BT Group Speakerphone enhances your meeting experience with the ultimate in business-class performance. (Photo: Business Wire)

The CHAT® 150 BT Group Speakerphone connects easily and instantly to your personal computer, mobile device, or Bluetooth-enabled landline phone, bringing your home office, executive office, or mid-sized meeting room to BYOD convenience and superior performance. Provides users with an affordable way to upgrade with Voice clarity for audio and video conferencing.

The CHAT® 150 BT speakerphone also has audio bridging capabilities, allowing far-end conference participants connected via software conferencing applications over USB, local users on the speakerphone, and mobile calls connected via Bluetooth. All far-end callers can participate in the same call. We can hear each other clearly.

The CHAT® 150 BT speakerphone features a steerable microphone array that prioritizes first mic, intelligently activating the mic closest to the person speaking to reduce interference from ambient noise To do. As with all ClearOne microphone products, the CHAT® 150 BT speakerphone is compatible with popular collaboration platforms such as Microsoft® Teams, Zoom™, WebEx™ and Google® Meet™.

The new BT model retains all the best-in-class features of the original CHAT® 150 speakerphone, including advanced noise cancellation, full-duplex distributed echo cancellation™, and automatic level control algorithms for crystal-clear, natural sound. Ensures flawless audio capture and playback. It also supports NFC tap-to-pair, has a wired USB connection, and is compatible with a wide range of modern devices. At just over a pound, the CHAT® 150 BT speakerphone is easy to carry wherever you need it, and the touch interface lets you conveniently control volume, mute, and Bluetooth features in a sleek, elegant aesthetic.

Derek Graham, ClearOne’s interim CEO, said: “The CHAT 150 BT upgrades our customers’ favorite speakerphone, making it ideal for today’s ever-changing needs and enabling even more flexible usage that reflects the growth of BYOD conference calls and meetings. ClearOne continues to assess the needs of businesses and individuals working in today’s complex office environment and is proud to offer innovative features and benefits that make every meeting easier and more productive. ”

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