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Amidst rumors that Apple will be announcing a new product this week, an unannounced MacBook Pro has been spotted in Canada within the Canadian Radio Equipment List database.

Discoveries made by Montreal Wade Penner Report Monday morning McRumors.

“The new Apple MacBook Pro model A2779 has appeared in the Industry Canada Radio Equipment List database. Approved January 11, 2023. Possible new M2 Max or M2 Pro. Device has WiFi 6E/6GHz We support obi,” said Penner.

Canadian iPhone A search of the radio database revealed that Penner’s discovery was indeed there.

Last summer, Apple’s M2 MacBook Air, hardware version A2681, was approved in the same database on June 1st. Five days later, on June 6th, Apple announced his new M2 MacBook Air, and the product launched on his July 8th, 2022.

The frequency range specs are the same as the M2 MacBook Air, but this unreleased MacBook Pro “A2779” includes 5925.0 MHz to 7125.0 MHz, which is an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 with faster Wi-Fi. Fi 6E specs.

If history were to repeat itself, today is five days after January 11th, so it looks like we’re getting closer to the product launch. Today, it was reported that a number of news outlets are scheduled to hold press briefings with Apple this week.

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