NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development Installs Lisa Brunet to 2023-2024 National Board of Directors

RICHMOND, Texas June 7, 2023 ( – WASHINGTON, DC (June 6, 2023) — The National Association of Women Business Owners Entrepreneurship Development Institute (NAWBO Institute) has appointed Lisa Brunett of DLZP Group to its Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 term. The NAWBO Institute is her 501(c)3 non-profit educational foundation established to educate women on how to grow their businesses and enhance their wealth-generating abilities. Now, the NAWBO Institute is using a new and improved educational virtual platform to expand its efforts through certification and her NAWBO Circle program.

“We will continue to build on the strong foundation already built for the NAWBO Institute,” he said. Janet Armbrust, NAWBO Institute Director. “With Lisa Brunett and this talented group of servant leaders on the NAWBO Association Board of Directors, we will expand our certification program, educate thousands of female business owners, and give personal attention to million-dollar business owners. We are confident that we can provide opportunities for both personal and professional success.”

Lisa Brunet, CEO of DLZP Group, is a seasoned managing partner with extensive experience in the information technology and services industry. Lisa has contributed to the growth of the DLZP Group. She has built strong relationships with Amazon Web Her Services, Oracle and Canon, and helped establish the DLZP Group as a leading innovator. Ms. Brunette is an active member of the community. She is a member of WIPP (Woman Impacting Public Policy), the United States Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and she is a member of the USPAACC (United States Pan-Asian American Chamber of Commerce).

“The NAWBO Institute’s focus on educating women entrepreneurs inspired me to join the NAWBO Institute Board of Directors,” she said. Lisa Brunet, NAWBO Institute Director. “As a female business owner, I truly believe that it is our duty to help educate female entrepreneurs around the world to overcome what they believe to be the limits of their business. With our support, women entrepreneurs around the world will be able to reach their potential.”

of 2023-2024 NAWBO Institute Board of Directors number of directors Janet Armbrust – Chair, Kelly Scanlon – Past Chair, Shauna Huntington – Incoming Chair, Deanna Novak – Treasurer, Dr. Teresa Ashby, Lisa Brunett, Wendy Goldstein, Lena Graham-Morris, Cali Including Kenji, Michelle Ward and Lisa Coppola – ex officio.

The NAWBO Institute Board of Directors was established in Washington, DC on June 5, 2023.

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