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Travel a few times a month? Check out the must-have gadgets for frequent travelers. From headphones to sanitizer to make your trip easier.

If you spend a lot of time on the go, these gadgets will make your trip smoother. From noise-cancelling headphones to smart suitcases, here are the must-have gadgets for frequent travelers.

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Have you tried walking miles between gates? Just hop on the Rydebot Smart Suitcase Series. Puledro and Cavallo suitcases are equipped with 100 watt electric motors to get you moving.

If that’s still not cool enough, Kokoon Sleep Nightbuds give you a little rest on board with noise masking, sleep coaching and more.

Travel better with these essentials for frequent travelers.

1. The Rydebot smart suitcase series has dual USB ports and a built-in 100 watt electric motor.

Use Cases for the Rydebot Smart Suitcase Series

Travel in style and convenience with the Rydebot Smart Suitcase Series. The Puledro and Cavallo suitcases have a built-in 100 watt electric motor. You can reach your destination faster than walking in a suitcase. Imagine cruising through an airport with eye-catching, illuminated LED lights.

Get one for $699.95.

2. One of the must-have gadgets for frequent travelers, Kokoon Sleep Nightbuds offer adaptive audio and personalized coaching.

Kokoon Sleep Nightbuds in use

With Kokoon Sleep Nightbuds, you can fall asleep more easily and enjoy a restful night’s rest. These soft earbuds are designed to last all night and eliminate distractions. With adaptive audio, personalized sleep coaching, noise masking and more, it makes bedtime more peaceful.

You can get it for around $176.

3. The mode wireless charging toothbrush has a luxurious design that is docked with a magnet.

mode wireless charging toothbrush in use

Upgrade your morning routine in style with the Mod wireless charging toothbrush. Incredibly, it has a wireless charging dock and can be stored on the wall. Keeps bathroom counters clean and the brush magnetically docks and undocks to keep it in place. The dock has a built-in night light to make it a little brighter in the dark.

Get it now for $165.

4. A must-have gadget for frequent travelers, the GRAYL 16.9oz UltraPress Water Purifier Bottle fits in any backpack.

Using GRAYL 16.9oz UltraPress Purifier Bottle

With the GRAYL 16.9 oz UltraPress water filter bottle, you can have clean, great-tasting drinking water in just 10 seconds. This compact and portable water filter is a hiking accessory that can easily be carried in your backpack. Just add water, press and drink. Incredibly, this water filter bottle removes all water-borne pathogens. It also comes with a replaceable water filter cartridge rated for 300 cycles of approximately 150 liters.

You can get yours for $89.95.

5. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 A/C Series has a compact design perfect for on-the-go travel.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 air conditioner series in use

Chill the air wherever you go with the Zero Breeze Mark 2 A/C Series. It has a compact design and weighs only 16.5 pounds. In addition, the air conditioner and battery can be integrated, making it easier to hold. It consumes significantly less power than conventional air conditioners and does not require a generator, boasting a low power consumption of 240W.

You can get yours for $999.

6. Next on the must-have gadget list for frequent travelers is the Quair Plasma Go travel-sized medical-grade air purifier that neutralizes harmful particles.

Quair Plasma Go Travel-Sized Medical Air Purifier, White

With two powerful purification technologies, the Quair Plasma Go portable air purifier effectively neutralizes harmful particles in the air. Developed in partnership with leading universities, it uses a proactive cleaning method with Quair’s plasma ion system and a reactive approach with his medical-grade HEPA filters coated with MAP-1 technology. The former releases cations and anions and extracts life-sustaining hydrogen from airborne pathogens.

You can pre-order it for about $143.

7. The mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe instantly powers up to 3 devices with just a touch.

mophie 3-in-1 travel charger with MagSafe product demo

Charge 3 devices simultaneously with the mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe. Powering your device has never been easier, as your gadget will start charging when it makes contact. So you’ll never have an iPhone, AirPods, or Apple Watch with a dead battery again. In fact, it offers a dedicated spot for smartphones, smartwatches and earbuds.

You can get yours for $149.95.

8. AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Charger powers your USB-C gadgets up to 3x faster.

AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Charger, Black

The AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Charger features 3-stage charging technology to give you a faster and safer charging experience. Incredibly small and lightweight, this pocket-sized charger packs 30 watts into the size of an Apple 5W charger. In fact, it weighs only 0.09 lbs and is so small you can barely tell it’s in your bag.

You can get yours for $24.99.

9. The Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Portable Bluetooth Speaker brings party-quality sound anywhere.

Anyone with a Sony SRS-XG300 X Series
Anyone with a Sony SRS-XG300 X Series

Bring party-quality sound comfortably on the go with the Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker. This speaker packs quality sound into a portable design with an easy-to-grip handle. Plus, the built-in lighting makes your outdoor party setup even better. The pop-up handle can also be knocked down with one tap.

You can get yours for $299.

10. Rains Backpack Mini’s sleek laptop backpack features clean lines and holds a 15″ laptop.

Rains Backpack Mini sleek laptop backpack in use

Protect your essentials while on the go with the Rains Backpack Mini’s sleek laptop backpack. A modern bag featuring a minimal silhouette and a flap with a strong presence. Then a carabiner closure ties it all together. The Backpack Mini has a laptop pocket that fits a 13″ laptop with a sleeve or a 15″ laptop without a sleeve. This bag uses Rains’ signature waterproof PU fabric.

You can get yours for $95.

Which of the following travel gadgets would you buy? Share with us in the comments below.

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