Multi-Tasking Styling Systems : multi-tasking styling

The multitasking styling system T3 is a brand that fuses hair tools with cutting-edge technology that truly pushes the boundaries of its industry categories. This kit is based on 8 interchangeable barrels that allow you to access “endless looks” in an efficient way. Multitasking styling systems are featured in the T3 Switch Kit Wave Trio and T3 Switch Kit Curl Trio. We also have the Build Your Own T3 Switch Kit Trio for versatility and customization.

For example, the T3 Switch Kit Wave Trio features three interchangeable barrels (A 1″ Wand Barrel, 1.25″ Clip Barrel, and 1.5″ Clip Barrel). The brand claims these barrels will “transform your wave from beach to full-bodied to bold.”

Image credit: T3

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