Multi-Mission Military Drones : VTOL drone

BAE Systems has gone ahead and unveiled a highly versatile and high-tech VTOL drone designed to make it easier for military operations to conduct multi-domain operations with the help of a single UAV.

“STRIX” is a VTOL drone described by BAE Systems as a “hybrid, tandem-wing, multi-domain, multi-role” solution. Effectively, this means drones can perform a wide range of operations, performing a range from surveillance and reconnaissance to air-to-ground attacks.

This particular VTOL drone can take off and land vertically, but has foldable wings for easy packing and transportation. Elsewhere, the ‘STRIX’ has a hybrid power mechanism that can be operated in fully autonomous mode via BAE’s own Strix vehicle management system, with full ground station control ensuring crew protection. .

Image Credit: BAE Systems Australia

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