Multi-Functional Computer Mouses : multi-functional computer mouse

Juwon Lee of Dawn BYSJ is pushing innovation into the niche category of computer accessories with a sleek and versatile computer mouse. This product has an interesting aesthetic due to its shape, materials and uses. The mouse comes with its own stand. When I’m not holding my mouse, I sometimes turn to a stand for time, temperature, and even humidity levels.

Both the multifunctional computer mouse and the stand are covered in fabric, so the design is quite novel. Still, the decision is definitely design driven, as the fabric complements the product’s shape and creates a stylish feel.

When not in use, the mouse and stand fit seamlessly for an egg-like silhouette. His SEEK design by Juwon Lee of Dawn BYSJ comes in a variety of colorways.

Image Credit: Dawn BYSJ

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