Mother/Daughter Team Invented Glare Reduction Shield for the Medical Profession During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Attach a patented shield to your digital thermometer to provide accurate, reliable results anywhere

Richmond, Va., March 3, 2023 ( An African-American mother and daughter team is seeking investors for the patented glare-reducing shield they invented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attach the shield to your digital thermometer to provide accurate and reliable results anywhere. The family also seeks to raise awareness about health equity and access in the black community through innovation.

Cassandra Pugh, a traveling home health care aide, invented Shield with her daughter, Yunnia Williams, a marketing and communications expert in the healthcare industry.

During the pandemic, a key part of Pugh’s job was providing accurate temperature readings in the elderly and disadvantaged communities in which she worked. After Pugh realized she needed a way to record her patient’s measurements outdoors, avoiding the glare of the sun, she built a makeshift model of her shield, consisting of cardboard and tape. Inspired to start designing.

“There was an unmet need and it became clear that there was an advantage to patenting this idea,” Pugh said.

The patent application states that glare-reducing shields have been designed in the past, but none include a detachable, pivoting glare-reducing shield for the display screen of a handheld infrared digital thermometer, stating that “the shield snaps onto the top of the thermometer and A three-sided rectangular hood that prevents sunlight from obscuring the display screen can be detached from the spring using a spring-loaded hinge mechanism when not in use.

The shield is no longer manufactured, but exists as a prototype.

In addition to her work as a home care aide, Pugh opened Pugh & Payne, a private home health care assistant facility in Richmond, Virginia, to provide continuum care for terminally ill seniors during the pandemic. bottom.

“We want potential investors who can help us devise ways to use our patents for the greater good of mankind so that this device can reach the poor communities who need it most.” We hope to generate some interest, and we are looking for investors as well. Healthcare facilities and essential workers around the world may find it beneficial to improve the reliability of their readings during COVID-19.

Interested investors can contact Williams at

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