Moon-Exploring Advanced Spacesuits : Artemis III

NASA and Axiom Space have revealed the new spacesuits worn by astronauts on the Artemis III lunar mission. A prototype spacesuit will be used for moonwalks near the South Pole of the Moon. Spacesuit designs have more technical features, are more flexible, and can accommodate a wider range of body types. As for the colors shown at the unveiling, the spacesuit will not be black, but will be white to protect the astronauts from extreme heat.

A distinctive feature of this spacesuit is the helmet’s built-in lights and HD camera. Spacesuits also include more joints to allow astronauts to move around conveniently. Another feature is that the entire spacesuit can withstand extreme cold, even on the lunar dark surface. Vanessa Wyche, director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, said of the new spacesuit: And today, Axiom innovates. We will provide access to all facilities and will work together to ensure that astronauts have safe suits and full functionality for their work on the ground. ”

Artemis III’s lunar mission is scheduled for December 2025 and will be the first manned lunar landing since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Moom in Artemis III Her mission also features the first woman to walk on the moon and the first man of color. The spacesuit was unveiled at an event at the Houston Space Center in Texas.

Image Credit: NASA

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