Modular Power Supply Units : rmx shift

Corsair has announced a lineup of large-capacity power supply units “RMx SHIFT” for high-end PCs. These power supplies are available in a variety of capacities suitable for everything from mid-range builds to industry-leading PCs requiring over 1,200 watts at full load.

The main attractions of RMx SHIFT are its modular design, power efficiency and volume. The PSU has a built-in Zero RPM mode that stops the fan spinning when additional cooling is not needed. This saves power and reduces ambient noise in the computer room.

The modular design allows PC builders to plug in only the cables they need for their particular computer. Additionally, his PSUs in this series use a 90-degree angle to output cables from the left side of his PSU instead of the back, which helps with cable management and aesthetics for showcase PCs.

Image Credit: Corsair

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