Mobile Health On-Site Respirator Fit Testing Team Travels Over 66K Miles in 2022

Mobile Health Reports records miles traveled for onsite fit testing, prevents millions of dollars in OSHA fines, and protects thousands of U.S. employees.

New York, January 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Health’s team of traveling clinicians documented traveling more than 66,000 miles for onsite ventilator testing events in 2022. The company delivers both qualitative and quantitative aptitude tests to employers’ doorsteps, protecting thousands of employees from workplace hazards and preventing millions of dollars in fines for OSHA clients. increase.

OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134 regulates essential industries such as healthcare, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Mobile Health is truth Reach all over the country. Between their mobile vehicles, onsite team and 6,500 clinics, no employer is out of service.anywhere from the south florida on top of Oregonthe mobile fleet has enabled Mobile Health to serve clients wherever they are.

Go the “Extra Mile”

“We are very proud of our ventilator fit testing team. Andrew ShulmanCEO of Mobile Health, said, “No job is too big or too small for them. Thanks to these amazing people, more employers and more employees who need protection at work.” We offer on-site ventilator compliance testing services to

Staying ahead is a literal phrase in mobile health. Their fit testing team deployed overnight to meet the client’s OSHA compliance deadline. They created a program to address the impact of PPE shortages.they performed 39K Match your tests in one onsite event.

For 39 years, Mobile Health has been the leader in occupational health and employment-related health screenings for businesses around the world. usaMobile Health helps employers comply with all OSHA or Department of Health regulations to keep employees safe and protected. When it comes to fit testing, their motto is “anytime, anywhere, any mask.” Mobile Health offers both qualitative fit testing for half face masks and quantitative fit testing for full face respirators. Mobile Health is the only company with an onsite team ready to serve all industries nationwide to meet their respiratory protection needs.

About mobile health

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 39 years of leading clinical experience. Across the country, he has over 6,500 clinics and onsite teams providing all the medical examinations required for recruitment and compliance. Mobile Health allows businesses to consolidate he into one provider for OSHA/DOH compliance and building a safer, healthier workforce. Their team of experts designs programs that reduce employer bottlenecks, increase throughput and make occupational wellness easier than ever. For more information, visit

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