Mobile Co. Sheriff looking for ‘armed & dangerous’ man in Semmes, 3 schools beginning dismissal

UPDATE (3:05 PM): MCPSS will be dismissed one school at a time with the assistance of the MCSO deputies. MCPSS will dismiss first Semmes Middle, then Semmes Elementary and then Mary G. Montgomery High School.

Update (2:36 PM): The Mobile County Public Schools System said all three schools are in “safe perimeter” rather than outright lockdown. MCPSS said it was in the process of notifying families. The dismissal is pending until all is clarified from the MCSO.

Once the school is all clear, they will carry out the dismissal. Buses will run but will be delayed according to MCPSS.

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said it was looking for a man it deemed “armed and dangerous,” according to an MCSO release.

Patrick Black is wanted after his agent said they caught him during a robbery. MCSO said Black fled the scene.

The lawmaker said he was heading east down Carlane and all schools in the area were on lockdown.

If you see Black, we recommend calling the MCSO at 251-574-8633.

Schools on “safe boundaries”:

  • Semes Elementary School
  • Semes Junior High School
  • Mary G. Montgomery High School

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