Mini Portable LED Projectors : LED Projector

BlitzWolf has released the BW-V3 mini LED projector with an average lifespan of 40,000 hours. The size of the LED projector makes it portable so that it can be conveniently carried by the consumer. The LED projector is a simple black design with a large lens.

LED projectors can provide a maximum brightness of 250 ANSI lumens. It can also display images from 40 to 120 inches wide. In terms of video resolution, it supports 1080p images with a native resolution of 720p. A standout feature is screen mirroring performed by Bluetooth 5.0 via smartphone with one-click focus and image optimization algorithms. Another standout feature is that the aforementioned battery life expectancy can last up to 40,000 hours. This equals his 4.5 years. The LED projector will go on sale on his March 26th for $199.99.

Image Credit: BlitzWolf

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