Mindspa issues warning against Synctuition for trademark infringement

Mental health resource provider Mindspa has issued a warning to app users, stakeholders, and partners regarding ongoing trademark infringement by app developer Synctuition.

Sofia, Bulgaria March 18, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Mind Solutions Ltd, based in Bulgaria health tech startup He has developed successful mental health apps such as ‘Mindspa’ and ‘Gambles’. trademark infringement By meditation app developer Synctuition OÜ.

According to a press release from Mind Solutions, the Estonia-based company Synctuition OÜhas rebranded its mobile app using the name Mindspa, now renamed Mindspa OÜ and a trademark owned by Mind Solutions Ltd.

According to the company, the infringement began in 2020 and the first Mindspa trademark was European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) covered goods and services included in international classes 9 and 41 in 2019. Mind Solutions said it remained unsuccessful despite repeated attempts to stop the illegal use of its mark, including letters from lawyers and disputes in various trademark offices. Prevent Synctuition from continuing to use the Mindspa name without permission and from its increasing commercial use over time. Since then, the infringement has expanded to various products and services. mobile app accessories (such as Airpods case), from meditation service To office pod/booth It features sound technology (produced in partnership with another Estonian company, Silen OÜ).

In the press release, customers and partners were also informed of the latest ruling by the EUIPO dated February 9, 2023. trial board judge determined by Courtesy of Mind Solutions R 374/2022-1 and R 375/2022-1 prevent Synctuition from registering trademarks similar or identical to “Mindspa” for goods and services protected by previous trademarks.

Mind Solutions Ltd, which has invested significant resources and effort into building the Mindspa brand, said: do not tolerate Other companies that infringe intellectual property rights and ensure the survival of users, partners and stakeholders Involved Thank you for providing quality mental health resources and services, and for their continued support and loyalty despite the ordeal.

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