Millions of iPhone and Android users are paying for ‘vampire bills’ that could cost you hundreds of dollars a year

Millions of iPhone and Android users in Australia pay ‘vampire bills’ with various subscriptions that may be draining their bank accounts.

Many apps can trick users into signing up for subscriptions.

Also, users may sign up for a subscription in your app and forget to cancel.

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However, there is an easy way for both Apple and Android users to verify their subscription.

The only way some subscriptions can be canceled is through the official app store.

Other subscriptions such as Netflix signed up outside the app store must be canceled on the official website where you originally signed up.

How to check your subscription on iPhone

For Apple users, subscriptions live within the Settings app, not the actual App Store.

Tap your name at the top of the settings menu and you’ll see the Subscriptions tab. press it.

There you will see all subscriptions registered through the App Store.

A convenient menu also displays the billing date for each subscription, letting you know if you’re billed weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Tap a specific subscription to see how much it costs.

red at the bottom[サブスクリプションをキャンセル]You can cancel your subscription by tapping the button.

Most subscriptions allow you to use the service after cancellation until the next billing date.

How to verify your subscription on Android

To check your Google Play subscriptions on your Android device, first go to the store and make sure you’re signed in to the correct account.

From there,[メニュー]to see all payment plans[サブスクリプション]Tap.

Select the one you want to cancel,[サブスクリプションのキャンセル]and follow the prompts.

Again, most subscriptions allow you to use the service until your next billing date after cancellation, but it’s worth double-checking just in case.

You also have the option to pause your subscription if the app allows it.

This means your plan will be suspended at the end of your current billing period.

To do this, open the Google Play Store on your device and log into your Google account.

From there[メニュー],[サブスクリプション]and select the subscription you want to pause.

next,[管理],[支払いの一時停止]then select how long you want to pause.

Finally, press confirm to suspend the payment.

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