Microsoft to bring Android 13 to Windows 11 via WSA: All you need to know

In addition to the redesign, one of the notable new features of the Windows 11 OS was the ability to run Android apps natively without a third-party emulator. In the past, running Android apps required specialized software on a Windows PC.

Microsoft added support for Android apps on Windows 11 OS in mid-2022, and this feature is now available in select markets. In addition to sideloading Android apps, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to make thousands of Android apps and games accessible via the Amazon App Store.

While many Android smartphone makers have yet to update their OS from Android 12 to Android 13, Microsoft, the brand that makes the Windows OS, has announced an Android 13-based version for PCs running on Windows 11 OS. We are already beta testing the subsystem.

At launch, Microsoft included an Android 12-based subsystem into the Windows 11 OS. It is available in markets such as Switzerland, UK and US. There is currently no information about the same rollout for users in India.

Microsoft calls it the Windows Subsystem for Android or WSA, and users who choose the Windows Subsystem for Android Preview program will finally be able to run Android apps on Windows 11 PCs with Android 13 level optimizations.

What’s new in Android 13 for Windows 11

In addition to all the new technical advancements in Android 13, Microsoft has added some proprietary tech to make keyboard and mouse input easier to use. This includes improved mouse click input, improved clipboard stability, improved application (window) resizing, improved reliability when accessing media files, application jumplist entries with support for app shortcuts. It is included.

Microsoft also upgraded the system to Intel Bridge Technology for Android 13. This further enhances Android app optimization and user experience on Windows 11 PCs with Intel CPUs.

Is it safe to try?

Microsoft is providing the Windows Subsystem for Android in a separate beta program, so it won’t affect the overall usability of the Windows 11 OS in any way. You can also sign up for the same beta test through his website at Microsoft Preview Programs. However, please note that it may take up to 7 days for Microsoft to approve your request.

At this time, there is no information on when the WSA feature will be available to Windows 11 PC users in India. In the meantime, you can run Android apps on your PC running Windows 11 or Windows 10 OS using apps such as Bluestacks, which are also available on Mac.

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