Meta Quest now syncs workouts with Android phones and pairs with heart-rate trackers

In the 2022 report on VR fitness, Washington Post A Forrester survey found that 25% of American adults online would be interested in buying a VR headset, and 18% would use it primarily for exercise. VR fitness is a growing field, and Meta is rolling out some new health-related features to its Quest headset for more people to try.With the latest update to the device, the company says he Deployed Health Connect integration for Android users. The Barge reports, the ability to pair with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

A Meta spokesperson told the magazine that when paired with a compatible heart rate monitor, the Meta Quest Move overlay can display a user’s heart rate, along with exercise duration and calories burned, in any game or app. At this time, the only known compatible monitors are the Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10 chest strap, but other brands and models (including smartwatches) may also pair with the headset. Meta cannot confirm whether the quest works as intended.

Meanwhile, Health Connect integration allows users to automatically sync their VR workouts with their Android device. Meta let people view her VR fitness stats outside of the headset for the first time last year when it allowed iOS users to sync their progress with his Apple Health. Now Android users can finally see their progress without even having to do the quest.

The Health Connect API allows you to share your health and fitness data across devices and apps such as Samsung Health and MyFitnessPal. To enable the integration, users must first sync their Meta Quest Move stats with the Meta Quest mobile app. To do this, go to the VR Move app and tap[設定]Click.Afterwards, the user can access the[Connected Apps]under the section[Health Connect by Android]must be turned on.

It’s unclear if these features are also present in the first Quest models released under the Oculus brand. A few days ago, the company sent an email to Quest 1 owners telling them that the device will no longer be receiving new features, and Meta also said that he will not be updating the device with critical security and bug patches until 2024. release only.

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