Luxury Metaverse Ethereum Worlds Ditches NFT Mint for Real Life Sales Approach

Detroit, Mich., March 16, 2023 ( – Ethereum Worlds, the luxury metaverse, is pleased to announce the start of the pre-launch sale for Ethereum Towers Apartment NFT. These access card NFTs grant ownership to highly customizable virtual spaces, with each apartment offering a unique curated living experience.

Ethereum Towers has 4,388 apartments, each of which can be designed to the owner’s taste with a wealth of furnishings and finishes made possible by user-friendly “point and place” technology. Unlike his other NFT projects that issue NFTs, Ethereum Worlds uses an open sale method that better reflects real estate sales. This means that buyers can manually select the type, floor, and number of apartments they prefer, just like they would in the physical world.

of ethereum world The Metaverse will be accessible by Summer 2023, with a pre-launch sale running until then. During this period, each apartment purchased will participate in a weekly raffle to win one of his premium assets, a luxury apartment.

Ethereum World CEO Jason said: “Our Ethereum Towers apartment is unlike any other in the virtual world, offering unparalleled customization options and a true sense of ownership.”

“Our project and community have evolved beyond the standard mint methodologies typically employed by NFT projects,” says marketing director Adam Jones. He continued, “We understand that this is an unusual approach, but we believe our target audience will appreciate not having to climb for digital assets.” is committed to creating an accessible and enjoyable metaverse for all. Through an open sale method, we aim to make virtual property ownership as accessible to everyone as it is in the physical world.

To get virtual real estate, visit the Ethereum Worlds Discord

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