Lexasure Partners with AgriON to Offer Mobile Agricultural Insurance to Thousands of Farmers in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, January 11, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — Ledger Financial Groupa leading reinsurance and insurtech provider Southeast Asiais affiliated with Aglion: PT iSAN of thousands of smallholder farmers with easily accessible mobile agricultural insurance products. Indonesia.

AgriON is Indonesian Empower farmers through a mobile fintech platform that includes digital bank accounts, digital loans for seeds, fertilizers and farm equipment, automated payments and tools to benchmark yield, sales and productivity. Over 4,000 farmers are currently registered on his AgriON platform. Indonesiaand is expected to grow to 20,000 by the end of 2023.

Under the strategic partnership, Lexasure’s digital insurance products for farmers will: prosperwill be integrated with the AgriON app to provide easy access to purchase and manage farm insurance, giving farmers greater resilience to adverse events. Expected in the first quarter.

“AgriON is doing groundbreaking work by bringing a suite of digital banking and management tools to smallholder farmers across the country. IndonesiaIt is an unbanked or underbanked sector that historically lacks access to credit and quality inputs to drive productivity.” Ian Lim, Founder and CEO of Lexasure Financial Group.

“This makes Lexasure the ideal channel partner for the Flourish digital insurance we offer farmers, enabling them to achieve resilience and have a strong foundation for productivity gains and investment.” Our common goal is to leverage digital tools to create scalable and cost-effective insurance.Efficient fintech products tailored to customer needs. Southeast Asia and promote food security in the region. ”

Insurance products available on the platform include crop insurance, livestock and blood stock (horse insurance), and agricultural machinery and equipment insurance offered through licensed insurance companies in Indonesia.

In addition to financial solutions, AgriON uses digital technology to enable traceability and sustainability of farmers’ products, helping farmers maximize the yield and value of their products when using sustainable farming practices. to

“Digital insurers are fully aware that the digital transformation of the insurance industry is well underway,” Lim added. “We will continue to pursue innovative partnerships to help our clients digitize their entire insurance chain of value and reach underserved populations across the region.”

About AgriON: PT iSAN

AgriON is a platform that helps raise funds and raise funds to develop productive business activities from online financial institutions. The platform is registered as a financial institution with the Financial Services Agency as stipulated in the Financial Services Authority Regulations on Digital Financial Innovation. PT iSAN Technology Indonesia (PT iSAN) is a subsidiary of iAPPS. Singapore Manage the AgriON platform as an agent.

About Lexager Financial Group

Ledger Financial Group is the main southeastern and South Asia A reinsurer that provides reinsurance and digital insurance solutions, including Reinsurance-as-a-Service (RaaS), enabling clients to manage risk, accelerate growth and compete effectively. We are driving the digital transformation of the insurance and reinsurance industry with scalable and innovative products that meet the local needs of businesses and people in the rapidly growing Asian market. Our management team has deep industry expertise in reinsurance, insurance and insurance technology. Our values ​​are based on the belief that our products enable our customers to live and grow boldly while increasing their resilience. We serve over 60 primary insurance companies in 18 countries. Asia When North America. For more information, lexasure.com.


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