Leonard Nimoy Memorial Gets Android Co-Founder Support

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was suggested Leonard Nimoy The Boston Museum of Science Memorial received a major contribution, courtesy of the co-founders of Android rich minerLeonard’s daughter Julie Nimoy Posted on social media while tagging Minor and her documentary film In memory of Leonard“Breaking news! Boston Science Museum has confirmed a significant donation from the co-founder of Android to help create the Leonard Nimoy Memorial Sculpture. Thank you for your generous donation.” The post’s concept art is a Vulcan salute with the middle and ring fingers parted, which became the signature catchphrase of Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock, “Long live and prosper.”

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How Construction of the Star Trek Memorial Begins

Minor’s quote tweeted Julie: Perhaps she is her OS of the 2265 tricorder.You can contribute too!” Nimoy’s terms of service Co-star William Shatner He also expressed his gratitude to the technology pioneers. [Rich Miner]! “Many of today’s modern technologies Gene Roddenberry franchise. Modern mobile phone designs resemble the communicators of the time. original series. next generation Also, the use of communication badges may have influenced the way we use Bluetooth peripherals today. Portable computers known as tricorders predate the all-in-one functionality of smartphones.Tablets have become the primary reading device TNG.

Star Trek: Science Museum Announces Planned Leonard Nimoy Memorial
Image courtesy Boston Science Museum.

Before the Minor donation, the $500,000 fundraising goal fell short of expectations a year later, but the science museum now has enough money to get started. “The Star Trek series and the Spock character influenced my interest in science and technology early on. My parents also grew up in the Jewish neighborhood of Boston,” Miner told his TrekMovie. “Supporting the Leonard Nimoy Long Life and Prosperity Memorial Sculpture on display at the Museum of Science in Boston is not only a beautiful tribute to Leonard Nimoy’s legacy, but a peace, It will be a symbol of tolerance and unity.” You can contribute here as the ongoing project enters its next phase.

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