[Layoffs in Tech] Apple Close to Something Greater than the Mac, iPod or iPhone

Mention Apple and most people think of the rather innovative and iconic (some would add “expensive”) genius the brand has brought into our lives. And for good reason. After all, Apple brought the graphical user interface (GUI) to the Mac. The fruity brand changed music on the iPod and helped make touchscreens mainstream on the iPhone. The MacBook Air proves that powerful notebooks can not only push the boundaries of portable computing, but also meet them. Thanks to AirPods, Wire is starting to become paranoid about its presence in the personal audio space.

These products made Apple one of the world’s largest technology brands and the world’s first $1, $2, and $3 trillion companies. But I don’t think any of these products can match the latest achievements this month. We’re not talking about his new MacBook Pro or his latest HomePod launch.

While the Cupertino giant mentions its ability to retain employees, other tech brands are letting them go. So far, at least. when writing. After all, we are in uncertain times, and that could change in a matter of days.

Looted everywhere except the Fruity Cupertino Co.…so far!

The past few weeks have been the equivalent of the HR carnage in the tech business, with many major brands laying off large numbers of employees. Amazon lays off his 18,000, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) lays off another 12,000, Microsoft hands out pink slips to his 10,000, Meta (Facebook) says goodbye to his 11,000 had to. Twitter also reduced his staff strength from 7,500 to under 3,000 (although this seems to have more to do with Elon than with the economy).

These are huge numbers, and the kind we didn’t see during the dot-com recession of the early 20th century. For example, pets.com and WebVan, both of which had to shut down completely when his dotcom bubble burst, had about 320 employees and he had 2000. In 1997, when Steve Jobs was returning to the company and trying to save the company from impending disaster, Apple itself laid off about 4,100 employees.

This time, Apple is one of the few major technologies not to announce massive job cuts, even as most of its competitors and contemporaries litter pink slips at their weddings like confetti. Maybe one of the brands. There has been some news that Apple has laid off several recruiters (around 100) in his August 2022, and the brand itself has announced a hiring freeze in his November 2022. .

Didn’t you go overboard with hiring a good thing?

There are a number of possible reasons for this phenomenon, but many analysts believe that Apple’s relatively conservative hiring policy during the pandemic (2020-2022) may have worked in the brand’s favour. I feel. While Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and others have been hiring heavily during this time in anticipation of a massive increase in e-commerce and more time spent online, Apple has remained relatively low profile. For example, Amazon employed about 780,000 people during the pandemic. Meta also more than doubled its staff during this period, from about 40,000 to 87,000. Even Microsoft employed about 77,000 people just before the pandemic.

Technician dismissal

In contrast, Apple is believed to have employed less than 20,000 people during the pandemic. Many believe that the relatively cautious approach by brands to the disappointing returns that recently hit the global economy has helped them cope better. Some even say Apple scaled back its product ambitions when the pandemic hit, instead of expanding like its competitors.CEO Tim Cook demanded a 40% pay cut, It did, but it was more due to institutional investor concerns than financial stress.

So far so good, but can Apple get out of the layoff trend?

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Apple won’t layoff in the next few days. The company will announce its earnings on February 2nd. Some analysts predict that supply issues and the global recession may have impacted the company’s results. The high-profile iPhone 14 Plus is believed to have generated lower-than-expected sales according to several market sources. Still, most analysts believe Apple is unlikely to implement major layoffs, thanks to its relatively cautious hiring process during the pandemic.

If it’s actually avoiding drastic layoffs, Apple has probably accomplished one of its greatest achievements. From a social and human perspective, it’s either much more important than the launch of devices like Macs, iPhones, iPads, and AirPods, or much more. Social ones that provide livelihoods for those who work with them. To paraphrase the immortal Rudyard Kipling’s “If,” if Apple could keep both its products and people going in bad times, it would keep its head around while people scratched their heads. I guess. Literally and figuratively.

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