KR Group Africa Opens Jobs in 19 African Countries

Miami, FL, March 6, 2023 ( – Since its founding in 2012, the American cooperative KR Group Africa has founded three of the fastest growing technology companies in Africa. Thorke East Africa, Kawey Reku Company Limited and Haikka Niche provide software development services to businesses and enterprises looking to digitize their operations. Over the years, the cooperative has registered over 400 clients on the African continent alone, but today also serves clients in the US and European markets.

KR Group Africa has already hired developers from India, South Africa, Kenya, UK and US with knowledge of various programming languages, mobile app development, software development and web development to world class standards. Today KR Group Africa documents the success of his over 1,800 mobile applications developed for clients from 2012 to date.

Since Google’s partnership with Flutter, Flutter is an open source UI software development kit created by Google. Used to develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. KR Group Africa has set the record label for Africa’s leading mobile app and software development service provider. Using Flutter alone, they have completed more projects than any other IT company in Africa. The cooperative has developed technology solutions for most of Africa’s giants in the e-commerce, food and beverage sectors.

According to Jerome MacLeish, administrator of KR Group Africa, due to the large number of customers from the African continent and the significant increase in unemployment among IT graduates, cooperatives are becoming eligible in more than 19 African countries. Forced to open jobs for IT graduates. Aiming to hire about 200 people. The proof is that the digital market is growing rapidly in Africa. Digital Identity Management is a key enabler on the continent. In South Africa alone, the subscription-based economic model is currently worth $530 million, growing 14% a year to reach $820 million in 2025, making it the largest on the continent. of the digital economy is currently in Nigeria.

KR Group Africa has grown to be one of the world’s fastest growing and record-breaking technology service providers with a net asset value of nearly $21.8 million from 2012 to 2022, but still has the world’s largest IT network. It falls short of ServiceNow in 10th place. -Corporate value of $6.92 billion.

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